Sunday, April 26, 2009

Well integration with house water system

3ds Max 8 mental ray, Photoshop. Several render layers were generated and composted in post processing. Ambient occlusion was done by adding an AO shader to an omni light, rather than doing a second pass and adding it in post. The grass was generated with the Hair and Fur modifier. The house water system was created by my colleagues, and I was tasked with integrating the well components and environment. After integration I textured, lit, rendered, and composed the layer passes in Photoshop CS3.

Fishhead's final image sheet

Final Image set for "Fishhead's." Interiors were done in 3ds Max 2009 using mental ray with final gather and global illumination. The exterior used mental ray with the Sun and Sky and final Gather. All shots had ambient occlusion passes and were post-processed in Photoshop.


3ds Max 2009 (mental ray sun & sky, final gather), Photoshop. A little over a weeks work on interior and exterior shots. The surrounding city environment for the exterior shot was requested later, and took about a day and a half to develop.