Sunday, May 3, 2009

E7L Drive Bypass

In 2006 Yaskawa Electric America contracted my company to develop a Flash based e-Learning package to train their service department in the basic operation of the E7L HVAC drive bypass. I was given the task of creating the 3D content. Everything was done in 3ds Max 8 and rendered using the scanline renderer. The door was rigged so the keypad cable and computer ribbon move when it opens. Several other animations were created to train users on proper wire placement and tool use.

We were later contracted again to redo the 3D content. It turns out that the references that I was originally given were from a training department cabinet. Apparently someone with field E7L experience saw the training program and commented that wasn't how they actually set them up. The images here can be considered the "blooper" reel, although only a qualified Yaskawa technician would get the joke.

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